1) Nutritional assessments

I’ll have you complete a food journal for 3-5 days so we can see your overall dietary patterns and get a sense of where you need support.

You will also complete a comprehensive nutritional questionnaire that helps match the symptoms you’re experiencing now to nutritional imbalances.


2) Testing

“Test don’t guess.” I use microbiome testing (via a stool sample) as well as food sensitivity testing (via blood sample) to figure out exactly what is going on in your body.


3) Dietary changes and targeted supplementation

Based on the results of your tests, food journal, and nutritional questionnaire, I’ll work with you to make dietary changes to support your individual health needs. I’ll also make recommendations for targeted supplements to help restore balance to your body.


All of my services are provided online via zoom.

I offer 3 and 6 month packages as well as session-by-session options. I know you’re busy so I’m available for sessions during weekday evenings and weekends.